Interior Design

Interior Design

Ana Martin has spent her life in the pursuit of aesthetics, quality, and style. An interior designer for more than a decade she has developed her skills nationally and internationally, successfully accomplishing numerous prestigious projects across a range of sectors including Hospitality, Luxury residential, and Leisure on the island and abroad.

Born in Paris and brought up between Spain and the U.K, she began her career in the hospitality industry in Switzerland, honing her eye for beauty and aesthetics through her first business, a Boutique Hotel entirely built, designed, and managed by her and her husband. That’s when she shifted her focus to interiors specializing in hotels, rental properties, homes & mountain chalets.

What started as a sideline, has grown into her job and biggest passion. Daughter of an internationally experienced architect and interior designer, her life was filled with travel, creativity, people, and never-ending discoveries. From this cultural blend, she has developed her own unique style, where aesthetic details, beautiful raw materials and fabrics, stunning lighting, and unique art and furniture pieces are the main protagonists.

Ana Martin’s philosophy embraces Ibiza’s unique architectural heritage while creating beautiful timeless spaces with contemporary functionality, form and style. 
She relies on the simplicity of volumes, the enhancement of natural lighting, and adaptation to the environment; she is in constant search of the best balance between function and aesthetics.

Warm, minimal and filled with character and soul, her projects simultaneously tell the story of a space and its owners, and each piece of décor, furniture and art. Design, decoration and styling are fused in such a way that the result feels homely and laidback yet high-end and luxurious.